In today’s world, Aluminum vehicles are becoming more and more common. Aluminum is a light weight, cost effective material, that helps increase fuel consumption, emission control, and your vehicles overall performance.

Repairing aluminum is a vigorous process, and requires the proper tools and technique. For example, overheating the panel can cause warping or stretching.

Here at Hi-tech Auto Body we have invested in the proper tools required to do the job correctly. We have a separate room to repair your aluminum vehicle, as well as an entire set of tools, so there is no need to worry about contamination. We use Chief Certified Welders, as well as Betag Collision equipment. All of are technicians are Aluminum Certified, meaning they have completed all the necessary training to ensure the safest, proper, and OEM specific repair has been done to your vehicle to bring it back to pre-loss condition.

As with any of our repairs (Aluminum or Steel) we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our work.

If your looking for a shop to work on your aluminum vehicle, look no further.